The Golden Hour - 9 till

Under construction indefinitely

Made as I loved The Golden Hour on the The Chris Moyles Show on Radio 1

Proper site with graphics, stats, archive etc coming soon! This is just a technical demo more than anything.

If you want to see how much raw data I've collected so far, it's over here!

Development status: The database currently starts at 19/12/2008 (I've catalogued 43 weeks, so far).
I've now found the running orders back to Jan 2008, I guess I should have looked harder!
As this site is probably considered pre-alpha, expect things to be broken or not work. Don't worry about sending me bug reports just yet!

The site now auto-links to Spotify tracks, if it can find them via the API.

Latest Golden Hour: 17/05/2012

Part One (2004)

Artist Title Spotify
The Killers Mr. Brightside Listen
Snow Patrol Chocolate Listen
Kasabian Processed Beats Listen
Girls Aloud Love Machine Listen
Shapeshifters Lola's Theme Listen
Eric Prydz Call on Me Listen
The Streets Fit But You Know It Listen
Mousse T Is it Cos I'm Cool? Listen

Part Two (Team's Choices)

Artist Title Choice of Spotify
Yomanda Synth & Strings Aled Listen
Masters at Work To Be in Love Freya Listen
Daft Punk Around the World Tina Listen
Prodigy No Good (Start the Dance) Dave Listen
Faithless Insomnia Dom Listen
League Tables

Top 10 Artists

Team Choices Chart

Times the golden hour has been older than 1998

NB: This is only based on my current dataset of April 2009 to December 2009

Year Date Broadcast
1989 13th February 2009
1989 20th November 2009
1990 13th March 2009
1990 29th May 2009
1990 25th September 2009
1991 20th March 2009
1991 31st July 2009
1991 6th November 2009
1992 30th January 2009
1992 6th March 2009
1992 3rd July 2009
1992 18th September 2009
1993 19th June 2009
1993 26th June 2009
1993 2nd October 2009
1994 16th January 2009
1994 28th August 2009
1994 4th December 2009
1995 8th May 2009
1995 11th September 2009
1996 6th February 2009
1996 17th July 2009
1996 16th October 2009
1997 19th December 2008
1997 1st May 2009
1997 5th June 2009
1997 4th September 2009